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    Nooroa has been working for the past 5 years within the arts and culture industry as a Museum Guide and educator based at the Auckland War Memorial Museum, Queensland Museum in Brisbane as Science Centre Educator and more recently at the Auckland Art Gallery as 'all of the above'.

Nooroa has been instrumental as the conceptual design and primary illustrations for the Greenlight Literacy Programme. An Adult Literacy Programme using a Methodology developed in Latin America. He completed four learning module workbooks/video/CD/DVDs and was the voice of one of the tutor characters.

    Nooroa has a great sense of humour and is a hard worker. He has attention to detail, has the abilty to keep to deadlines yet still have a sense of fun. Nooroa’s positive nature along with his creative talent. Nooroa is a very capable artist, handy with brush, chisel and computer.

    Nooroa has always had a passionate about filmmaking, from the concept to the completion and from behind the scenes to in front of the camera.

·Waiheke Island Cartoonist and Children's Cartoon Tutor


Acknowledged Illustrator and Storyboard Artist, "AROHA" series, South Pacific Pictures.2001

· Acknowledged Art Department Assistant, "MATAKU" series, South Pacific Pictures. 2001

· Tutored by FLUX ANIMATION. 2000

· Illustrated a complete Learning Workbooks. 4 Books for Greenlight Program, 2003-2005

· Participated and completed 2x “48 Hour Film Challenge” 2004-2005

· Made a lifelong dream come true by acting on television, "Shortland Street", "Jackson's Wharf", "Street Legal”,"MATAKU", "Lawless 2".

· Assistant Artist, Manukau City Cult Corture Fashion Show, September2002

· Guest Artist, Manukau City Libraries.2002 Ongoing.

· Artist's Facilitator, Manukau City Council Sculpture Symposium, May 2002,

· Tour driver and Kaiawhina (assistant) for, Kashia Pomo First Nations Tribe, Stewarts Point Rancheria, California. 3 weeks March 2002. Lester R Pinola.

· Guest Speaker, NZAID Wellington August 2002. Pacific Children and Youth Development.

· Arts Tutor, Cartoon and Storyboard Workshops

· Recipient of Auckland Regional Council
Community Services Award.1999

· Currently Brown Belt, Bujinkan Togakure Ryu Ninpo Kiwi Dojo, NZ

· Theatre Acting and Fundraising

· Illustrated daily cartoons for the Cook Island Newspaper (one month project) 1992

· I am able to communicate basically in Maori, Samoan, Tongan, Fijian, Nuien, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, French, Croatian, Philippine, Thai, and American (also basic NZ SIGN)
· I am an energetic person who is full of enthusiasm
· I have the ability to meet tight deadlines yet maintain a sense of fun
· I am extremely creative and can conceptualize projects
· I enjoy challenges and am always keen to learn new skills
· I am conscientious and very tolerant, a great team player who is culturally sensitive and aware

· Swimming, archery, tennis, cycling, golf, fishing, snorkeling, rugby/league/union, all martial arts
· All forms of communication
· Sculpture of stone, wood, glass, plastic, sand and earth
· Modern and Contemporary Art
· Music; Variety of styles, LIVE music
· Movies and Moviemaking, stage & theatre
· The GREAT outdoors
· Sporting Activities; Athletics
· Wining and Dining
· Gardening. Food and flowers